Do you need catering? No problem!

A LA TURKA PRIVATE EVENTS AND CATERING COMPANY, has been serving Mediterranean based cuisine since 1995. Bringing a diverse Turkish and Mediterranean kitchen into the heart of New York City, A LA TURKA PRIVATE EVENTS AND CATERING COMPANY features an exquisite menu, professional atmosphere and friendly staff that have earned a reputation for being New York’s first choice in Mediterranean cuisine.

A LA TURKA PRIVATE EVENTS AND CATERING COMPANY, with its experience on a professional city-wide level is a full service catering company that can translate your vision to create a unique environment for you and your event. We can assist you in all your party planning needs (servers, bartenders, lighting, production, rentals, etc.). We specialize in business catering and delivering, hosting to major clients including Lenox Hill Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College, Equinox Sports Clubs, UN offices of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Korea, Italy, Iraq and Pakistan, and the French Culinary Institute. Major networks including NBC, FOX News, and the CW11 rave about their savory entrees and impeccable standart of cleanliness, being the New York Health Department’s leading restaurant in high-quality health standarts.

We provide professional catering services that match our clients’ needs, specifications and tastes. Whether the catering event is small or large, personal or professional, we offer our clients a full range of catering services that will make an event stand out from all the others. And what about pricing? We’ll work closely with you in developing pricing that suits your budgetary needs without sacrificing the quality of the catering menu or catering services provided.

We provide catering for all occasions, event planning, themed parties, Back Tie Waiters and Bartenders, Rentals of Glassware, Tables, Chairs, Utensils and Linen. We specialize in Corporate, Wedding, Social and Theme Events. We will turn your Event Space, Office or Home into a special occasion that your guests will talk about for a long time.